Why Glasgow

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What city is more alive with a diversity of growth, activity and economic opportunity than Glasgow?

Glasgow is one of the most future-oriented locations in the entire United Kingdom, committed to innovation and economic growth. Glasgow is proactively focused on business development, ensuring that potential investors have a solid support system in facilitating inward and foreign investment. Glasgow is an increasingly competitive location for both domestic and foreign businesses, with unique advantages and benefits.

Competitive advantage

Business orientation

Glasgow has performed well economically – currently within the top 20 of Europe’s best performing financial centres and ranked 61st worldwide (Global Financial Services Index 2016).

Major urban revitalisation and city transformation

With initiatives, such as the International Financial Services District, Tontine,  Scotland’s first city innovation districts, Sustainable Glasgow, and the Glasgow City Region City Deal the city is paving its way toward a future of job growth in fast-growing industries and creating a smart, sustainable environment for the future.

Excellent infrastructure

Glasgow is Scotland’s main transport hub, with excellent road, rail, shipping and air services.

Projects such as Digital Glasgow and Gigabit City ensure that Glasgow’s digital infrastructure meets and exceeds 21st century requirements.

Positive economic growth

Thanks to a diverse business base, Glasgow has weathered the global economic crisis and UK-wide recession with little damage and has experienced economic growth in each of the last 5 years.

Skilled workforce

A well-educated and highly skilled population with a high level of labour availability makes Glasgow an attractive destination for establishing and growing businesses.

Development opportunities

Glasgow’s continued city development has created optimum conditions for property investment and development. A number of opportunities exist across the city in housing, hotel and office development.

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