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Glasgow improves its infrastructure with Innovate UK

Innovate UK selected Glasgow as its 2013 Future City competition winner, beating 29 other cities, for a £24 million investment in smart technology solutions. Today, benefits of this funding can be found in the city’s successful business growth and safety improvements.

Implementing creative technologies and open data through the Future City initiative, new and inspired solutions are being developed to tackle established inner city problems.

Becoming a smart city has provided Glasgow a clear return on investment.

The Operations Centre in Central Glasgow

This integrated traffic and public safety management system is perhaps the heart of Innovate UK’s Glasgow funding, featuring upgraded HD CCTV monitoring, secured data sharing between services and smart transport control.

Thanks to improved emergency service response times and traffic flows, Glasgow now boasts strengthened city safety.

Innovate’s Impact on Business


New opportunities arise from fresh investment.

No business knows this better than JamHot, a small website creation company that has found new growth openings since working directly with the Future City initiative. The business was able to collaborate with fresh artists, photographers and illustrators to successfully pitch for new projects. 

Elsewhere, Future Makers has created significant growth by expanding its clubs and technology workshops for young people. The business now boasts 30 nationwide clubs under the Future Maker name. 

Increased Safety for Citizens

While Glasgow’s businesses have boosted, citizen experiences have now become smarter and easier than ever. New walking and cycling apps allow pedestrians to provide real-time updates on issues around the city, improving travelling safety and infrastructure.

Smarter data has also enabled precise predictions of crime rates. Through the exploration of alternative options, antisocial behaviour is being tackled with fresh thinking.

Charitably organisations, such as the addiction and rehabilitation support group GEAPP, have also seen benefits from additional funding. Access to vital information has become much simpler after launching their new website, allowing for a widened audience. 

Investments Provide a Strong Return

Through open data sharing, connections and new employment prospects, Glasgow has seen a £140 million return in savings and economical boosts. Additional investments of £12 million are also scheduled for 2020.

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