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Glasgow is not only a leader in the renewable energy sector commercially but is backed by a world-class academic and research infrastructure.

Renowned for its diverse engineering university programmes, Glasgow’s universities and institutions are poised to take advantage of its technical prowess to contribute to the low carbon revolution.

Glasgow is home to a number of industry-leading energy initiatives:

University of Strathclyde – Institute for Energy and Environment

The Institute is one of the largest electrical power engineering and energy technology university research groups in Europe, with a £35 million portfolio of activities with 200 staff and researchers.

Strategic activities are concentrated within centres of excellence at the institute:

  • UK Wind Energy Centre for Doctoral Training
  • The Centre for Ultrasonic Engineering
  • Power Networks Demonstration Centre – a £12.5 million centre that aims to accelerate the adoption of smart technologies from large-scale infrastructural adaptations to in-home acquisition
  • inovo-TIC is the centre of renewable energy research and development in the city and will form the heart of Scotland’s first innovation district.

University of Glasgow

Home to notables such as Lord Kelvin and James Watt, the University of Glasgow, has a long-standing reputation in energy engineering science.

Energy engineering research at the university focusses on the efficiency of energy conversion technologies and minimisation of carbon emissions. It is also home to a Systems, Power and Energy Research division and hosts the Solar & Bioenergy Research Centre, which develops renewable energy technologies that produce low to no net carbon emissions.

Glasgow Caledonian University

Glasgow Caledonian University’s School of Engineering and the Built Environment has a Knowledge Transfer Partnership and works on pioneering research and development within the subsea oil and gas industry.

Energy Technology Partnership

The Energy Technology Partnership (ETP) is a partnership among 12 Scottish universities and is the largest power and energy research partnership in Europe. The partnership provides access to 250 academics and 700 researchers, more than £250 million of testing facilities and focuses on several broad areas – capacity building, relationship building, internationalisation and advisory services that can help companies commercialise inventions and innovations to bring to market.

SSE’s Centre of Engineering Excellence for Renewable Energy

The SSE’s Centre of Engineering Excellence for Renewable Energy deals with development work done by SSE’s renewable energy business, including investment and R&D in on- and offshore wind, hydro, wave and tidal energy. The centre is the base for the entire European on- and offshore wind portfolio.

Circular Economy

Glasgow is the first UK city and only the second in Europe to conduct a “city circle scan”. The resulting Circular Glasgow report identified a number of opportunities to reduce waste and create efficiencies. A pilot project in the beverage sector has already been commercialised: Hardtack, a beer made with leftover bread. Once again Glasgow has established itself as one of the most innovative and progressive cities in the world positioning it at the forefront of a new kind of sustainable economy.

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Low Carbon Events

State of the City Economy Conference

7 December, 2018

Time: 8.00am

Venue: Radisson Blu Hotel Glasgow

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